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About Inna Cleaning, LLC.

Inna Kalavsky Inna Kalavsky

Meet the business owner.


We are residential and commercial cleaning services and we serve the North Shore area and the Northern suburbs. We have competitive rates and aim to always provide the best customer service experience.

All are fully vaccinated with proof. We are committed to bringing you the best service the North Shore can have.


We ensure responsibility for each cleaning. Each crew has a leader with a tenured timeline that will make sure the home is in pristine condition once it is completed.


Just as we at Inna Cleaning LLC promise to respect our client’s and clients’ homes we expect the same respect as a service provider. There will be no gender discrimination, belittling, or harassment at any moment during the service. If any of these instances occur the crew will leave and payment will be due in full.

We are a privately owned business since 2019 and cleaning ladies have 5+ years of experience.

As a business owner, I give equal opportunity to both men and women that are in need of work while bringing the best cleaning techniques forward to the North Shore!

Our main goal is to close the gap that exists between cleaning and how negatively it is viewed. Everyone in society needs an extra hand in their home due to their busy schedules and that is where our business thrives! We are not maids or housekeepers- we are humans that want to help other humans with the daily stuff that we all do not want or are too busy to do.

Thank you for supporting our business. We promise you will be satisfied with every aspect and with our crew members as they are the most wonderful people!

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